I had the chance to set up and deploy a new remote desktop software named Parsec. Remote your computer like it’s your natural machine in a low latency high-resolution configuration.

It lives its premise with its simple-to-use Settings and as long as the host computer and client have a reliable internet connection. I tested it on one of our high-end editing computers (used for 3D and rendering) with an astonishing result. The future update includes macOS support.

Set up the Host machine



Video card

Internet connectivity


A physically plugged display (off-board/ plugged to Video card

Updated graphics driver

At least a 20 Mbps reliable internet connection (Fiber)

Step 1. Download Parsec and install it on your computer. For the host computer, you can just have the windows OS as of now.

Step 2. Run the installer and select shared (depends on your requirement).

Step 3. You should update your graphics card and disable onboard graphics. Plug the display on the video card (Video source). Start the application

Step 4. Sign in or create your account. Configure and experiment the settings.

Step 5. Click share or you can create a share link and be able to remote the host using a browser.

Client set-up

The setup for the client machine (the one you will use to remote the Host) is almost the same. The account used to sign in, in the host should be the account used to sign in with the client. On the list of computers, you can click to connect (to the host machine).