On Digital Ocean (see “Article Launching your Virtual Machine on the cloud”Authentication, tick SSH keys and click New SSH Key. A window will open where you can paste the Public key generated.

Step 2. Copy the generated Public key and paste it on the Digital Ocean Authentication window “Add public key” . Take note that you have to copy the whole public key from the top to the end. Tip the intro word “ssh-rsa” and the outro word “rsa-key-YYYYMMDD”. Do not alter these cryptic texts.

Step 3. Save both the public and private keys as you can see on the option. Name it accordingly. Secure your copy of the private key, without this you cannot access your VM.

Step 4. On Digital Ocean window, name the SSH key accordingly. Click add SSH key

Step 5. You may now proceed in creating your droplet (“Article Launching your Virtual Machine on the cloud”)