There are two ways in which you can access your VM console. It is an option on Authentication when you launch a droplet on Digital Ocean (see “Article Launching your Virtual Machine on the cloud”) through SSH keys or Password. They both provide credential authentication but the SSH key is the most secure and efficient of the two when implemented correctly. SSH key comes with a Private (the key that will be left to you as a User, secure this file) and Public (the one to be deposited on the VM) keys.

You will need a program installed on your computer called Putty. The software comes with the utility Putty Gen which will be used to generate the SSH keys.

Step 1. Launch the program Putty Gen and Click Generate key leaving the options the same on the screenshot. Follow the prompt as it says you need to hover and move the mouse on the vacant area to generate randomness.

Check page 2 for configuration on Digital Ocean.