VPS short for Virtual Private Server also known as Virtual Server is a virtual machine being sold as a service by a Cloud Infrastructure Provider. You have the option of setting up WordPress either by availing a virtual machine on the cloud or launching WordPress through a web hosting provider. A virtual private server runs its own operating system (OS), and customers may have root-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

I chose Digital Ocean of all Cloud Infrastructure Providers because of 2 things. First is it’s cheap and second is it’s really easy to set up and configure.

Step 1. On Digital Ocean marketplace select “WordPress” and launch the 10 USD per month UBUNTU basic plan.

Step 2. Tick intel SSD storage and 10 USD/mo

Step 3. Select your region and Authentication.

Tip use SSH and create your own (see Article Creating my SSH keys)

Step 4. Finalize and set the desired Hostname (computer name) for your virtual machine.

Once all set click “Create Droplet”.

You now have a Virtual machine with WordPress installed and is ready for further setup and configuration.